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Parallel and Distributed Systems
Prof. Dr. A. Andrzejak
Parallel Computing
Prof. P. Bastian
Simulation and Optimization
Prof. H. G. Bock
Theoretical Chemistry
Prof. L. S. Cederbaum
Prof. R. Dahlhaus
Computational Linguistics
Prof. A. Frank
Molecular Biomechanics
Prof. F. Gräter
Computational Biophysics
Prof. D. W. Heermann
Computational Biophotonics
Prof. J. Hesser
Applied Analysis
Prof. W. Jäger
Image Processing
Prof. B. Jähne
Mathematical Methods of Simulation
Prof. Dr. G. Kanschat
Applied Analysis (CV/PDE)
Prof. Dr. Knüpfer
Biophysics of Macromolecules
Prof. J. Langowski
Computer Graphics and Visualization
Prof. H. Leitte (nee Jänicke)
Computer Vision
Prof. B. Ommer
Software Engineering
Prof. B. Paech
Environmental Physics
Prof. U. Platt
Numerical Methods
Prof. R. Rannacher
Dependable Systems
Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Reuter
Terrestrial Systems
Prof. K. Roth
Image and Pattern Analysis
Prof. C. Schnörr
Differential Geometry
Prof. A. Wienhard
Physical Chemistry
Prof. J. Wolfrum
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